Crazy Bitch

Every so often, for some reason, I decide to take a dip in the shallow waters of the dating pool and am typically horrified by what I find there.  In fairness, I will say that I realize that there is probably something very wrong with me, too.  I fall for … Continue reading

3 Things That Stink this Week

3 Things That Stink this Week

1. The NFL (and most professional sports, if we’re being honest) Plagued with scandals ranging from domestic violence, to child abuse, racism, steroid use, and infidelity, professional sports have just gotten totally out of hand. Players are paid ungodly sums of money for fleeting talent that gets wasted or channeled … Continue reading

Inaugural Post

I have considered starting a blog many times over the past two years, but always struggled with what it would really be about.  Could I sustain enough interest in my writing (both personally and among readers)?  However, I’ve come to realize that I have a lot to share…there’s a lot … Continue reading