Why Do You Want to Look Like John Boehner? or The Case Against Tanning


In full disclosure, I must admit that my poor backside had, too, been subject to the artificial glare of the tanning bed before I understood the many implications of subjecting my skin to bombardment by UV rays.  Once I learned that absolutely nothing was worth the enhanced cancer risks and premature aging, I promptly kicked the habit and have been dutifully slathering on broad-spectrum SPF 50+ and keeping out of the sun.  Seriously, who decided that tan was sexier for pale, caucasian women than their normal, god-given skin tone?  Looking like a petrified leather sack should not be on anyone’s beauty regimen.

Nonetheless, several articles were posted today about just how many young white women use tanning beds – nearly 1/3 !  According to a post on Mother Jones, the risk of getting melanoma increases by almost 2% with each session of tanning.  Granted, sun exposure and tanning is also a risk for all skin tones and ethnicities, but pale white girls seem to be flocking to tanning salons in droves.  The Mother Jones article also discusses differentiating risk and is definitely worth a look.  Just don’t read the comments…